Owen Sound, Peninsula Random, Wiarton Random and Peninsula Jumbo Flag. Beautiful and completely natural random flagstone for your walkways and patios. Every project is unique to its creator. All flagstone is sold by weight. We sell individual pieces or entire pallets.

Grey Slate

Water and Earth grey slate


Water and Earth limestone


Water and Earth sandstone

Violet Sandstone (Custom Order)

Water and Earth violet sandstone

Red Sandstone (Custom Order)

Water and Earth red sandstone

Yellow Sandstone (Custom Order)

Water and Earth yellow sandstone

Installation Instructions

The base of any walkway/patio – either natural stone or pre-cast, should have a strong base depth of 12″-18″ in order to avoid frost heave.
Compact the Granular “A” base in layers to get the most solid base possible.

Cover the base with a thin layer (approx. 1″) of stonedust. Place flagstone in desired random “pattern”. Flagstone can be cut or broken to fit a particular area.

There are several ways to complete in between the flagstone, depending on personal preference and desired look.

  1. “English Garden”: Place garden soil between flagstones. Purchase moss (several varieties available), break into small pieces. Dip each piece into plain yogurt or sour cream, and plant in soil approximately 12″. Keep well watered. Moss will spread on its own. NOTE: Moss prefers a cool, damp environment – not direct sun.
  2. Stonedust: Fill cracks (cannot be large spaces, less than 1″) with stonedust, water well.
  3. Peastone: Fill cracks between flagstone (spaces should be at least 1″ wide) approx. 3/4″ full with 3/8″ riverwash (peastone).
  4. Fill cracks with a sand/cement mixture (make sure there is no excess mixture on top of flagstone). Water gently, until wet. Let set for at least 24 hours.