Ledgerock is a narrow, rough cut stone for building garden walls and small retaining walls. We carry Peninsula Ledgerock with a natural Split-Face.
Sawn Limestone Wallstone and Peninsula Guillotined Wallstone add a beautiful natural look to any landscaping project.

Violet Ledgerock

Weater and Earth Violet Ledgerock

Red Ledgerock

Weater and Earth Red Ledgerock

Yellow Ledgerock

Weater and Earth Yellow Ledgerock

Caramel Ledgerock

Weater and Earth Caramel Ledgerock

Grey Limestone Ledgerock

Weater and Earth Caramel Ledgerock

Installation Instructions

Both ledgerock and drywall stone can be stacked to create walls for flower beds or retaining walls.
Drywall stone is a larger, heavier stone that can be stacked higher that the smaller, narrower ledgerock.
Both drywall stone and ledgerock can be “dry-stacked”, glued, or cemented into place. In order to “stack” a level layer of stonedust should be placed on cleared, level ground first.